About Myself:

My name is Alex Mueller and I am studying to become a Physical Education teacher. I graduated from West Bend East High School in 2007 and have been attending the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh ever since. I plan on moving out of the state of Wisconsin to teach at some point in my life. I enjoy many different sports, however, the one that has been in my life most is wrestling. In the future I plan on coaching wrestling for many years.

I would like to work in schools all over the world by the time I am done. Physical education is more than just playing sports it is getting students to find activities they want to do for the rest of their life, something I believe I have been able to do already. I also think there are many things I will be able to learn in the future with the constant changing curriculum in physical education.
This is a picture of me at relay for life. I am taking a break from playing an intense game of dodgeball.
This is a picture of me and a co-worker bowling. She was showing everyone the green ball I chose to use.
This is a picture of my elbow after dislocating it in wrestling. I have been wrestling since I turned 4 years old and it has been a huge part of my life. This injury almost ended my career however, I was able to come back from it and finish my last season.
mt_rushmore_045.jpg crazy_horse_004.jpgyellowstone_024.jpgcrazy_horse_013.jpg
The four pictures above are from one of my family vacations out west. The upper left picture is of my sister and I at Mt. Rushmore. The upper right picture is of my younger brother, me, my dad, and my sister. The bottom pictures are from Yellowstone National Park.