How to make and use Google Forms
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your Google username and password
  3. Click on more and scroll down to documents.
  4. Click on documents
  5. Click on CREATE. Scroll down to Forms.
  6. Click on Forms
  7. You will then be able to create your own questions.
  8. To add a new question, click on Add Item. You will then be able to choose what kind of question you would like to make.
  9. After you have made all of the questions, click on Done.
10.To change the theme all you have to do is click on theme. (Show my bluebird one again)
11.Then click on Save in the upper right corner. This will save your Form.
12.Then click on email this form. Type in the emails of the people that you would like to send your assessment to.
13.Once your recipients have taken and submitted your assessment, you will be able to go to your Google Document page and click on your Form. Make sure you are signed in to Google.
14.The responses from your recipients will show up in the excel document.

My google form samples

Sample Form

How to Make a Poll using Poll Everywhere
  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Fill in information
  4. Submit Create a new poll
  5. Type the question you are asking for your poll
  6. Click red button to create your poll
  7. Convert question to a multiple-choice question or keep the question an open ended question
  8. Type in your answers to the question for the multiple-choice question
  9. After clicking continue place chart on your wiki
  10. Click share and publish
  11. Click on blog or webpage – copy the second link (Live Chart embed code)
  12. Go to wiki, Poll everywhere page
  13. Click edit button and add a widget to Poll Everywhere page
  14. Paste second link into “other” widget option
  15. Click save

Poll Everywhere Poll

Season Poll
In physical education you could use poll everywhere to allow them to use their phone to select what units they would prefer to choose from.

Using assessment in physical education.
Application for iPad to detect heart and breathing
Vital Signs The link on the vital signs has a video of the application above being used and also has an explanation how to use the application.
Article 2
In the second article they are talking about using technology in different ways and how the new technology brings a new style of physical education to the schools.

This is a poll I can use in my class to find out which units people enjoy most.

Web Voting Widget

Use this widget to allow a web visitor to vote by clicking. They can view the results, too (try it!)

Live Chart Widget

Embed the live chart into your own page. Text/SMS response instructions are displayed if the poll is open, allowing website visitors to respond via their mobile phones. If closed, response instructions are not shown making this a great widget for sharing overall results. Since this is the same chart we use elsewhere, this updates and animates in real-time when new data is present.

Here is an open ended poll where students will be able to ask questions with privacy and have the teacher answer them