What are they?

Google has a myriad of tools available for use in classrooms. If your school has moved totally to cloud based computing, you will most likely be using them extensively. Google Chromebooks for example only allow cloud based applications. You can't save anything on these devices!

Google Sketchup lesson
This website has different lesson plans you can use with Google Sketchup and Google Earth lesson plans as well. This PDF talks about what Sketchup is and why you would use it as well as instructional ideas for Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

Google sketch-up is a tool that can be used for students to become creative with the way they want to set up the gymnasium and outdoor activities. The house sketch is my first sample using Google sketch-up.

The following pictures were taking from a sketch up I made to show the creativity that can be used by the students in physical education classes. I can use this in my class when I want to see another side of the students not normally portrayed in the physical education setting.

This is a picture of the sports complex at the made up high school.
This is the pool.
This is a picture of the high school with part of the sports complex.
This is a picture of the gymnastics room in the high school.
These two pictures are or the rock walls in the school.

As one of my lessons I had the students recreate their elementary and middle school gymnasiums and other areas they have done activities in physical education. Here are some of the photographs from their Google sketch-up designs.

Here is a rubric to grade the students work.