What are they and Why create them?

Audio files are files you listen to (audio!!). They are great because the developer can narrate and the listener then listens. Unfortunately, they don't work well with students who cannot hear. You should provide a text version on the audio file for them.

This is my silly sample of a podcast done in class.

This is a sample minicast I created on a family vacation I took out west. Minicasts allow you to combine photos with an audio track to create a video slideshow. You can share your minicast with friends on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and beyond.

Here is a sample Voki I made which is another way to podcast information for your students.


Create an audio podcast using Audacity or other software (see 14 Free and Simple Digital Media Tools article by Sara Bernard)
Use Audacity to create a one minute lecture
Tutorial -- How to use Audacity in Swart Lab

This website has many different podcast made for physical education purposes and other sports information.