What are they?

Great question, read the following article: Read QR Codes in Everyday Life Do a search to find out more about these QR codes. Some museums are using QR codes with their exhibits so that people can get additional information about the item being viewed and/or information about the artist.

Here are two articles about using QR codes in the physical education classroom.

QR codes in physical education
The link above is a website that talks about ways to use QR codes during an orienteering unit in physical education.

QR codes for skill development
This link above has skills posters with QR codes on them to help students.

Lesson for QR codes
1. I would have the students create a QR code that would bring people to a Wikipage they have created that tracks their physical activity for a month.
2. On the Wikipage they create they will have the activities they do outside of class on Google maps.
3. They will have bring in their QR code and set them up in the classroom for other students to look at to see the progress of their classmates.

Another Lesson for QR codes
1. The second lesson for QR codes would be having the student create a question about the unit being taught.
2. The QR code will lead the students to the answer giving them immediate feedback to the question.

A student example of this is demonstrated below.

Who is the only player on the field that can use their hands in soccer?

If you use this QR code you will get the answer to the question above.

Here is the rubric to grade the students QR code and question.