Articles on Rubrics

Here are the instructions on how to make a rubric on rubistar.

How to Create a Rubric

  1. Go to
  2. Select your topic or type of rubric wanted
  3. Fill in your name and project name
  4. Select the option saying my rubric is a temporary rubric
  5. Choose a category for the rubric as desired
  6. Hit the submit button
  7. If there is a mistake click the modify this rubric button
  8. When you are finished click print or download
  9. Next click download excel spreadsheet
  10. If your downloaded file does not end in .xls, click in the file name and remove the extra characters
  11. Open file and adjust as necessary to fit to one page and save it as a .xlsx document
  12. Open the .xlsx file and save it as a PDF file
  13. Open the PDF file and save it as a jpeg
  14. Put the files on wiki and/or print and use with students

Note: to make a screenshot on a Mac- Hold down the following keys control, command, shift and 4. Then select a portion of the screen you want to copy. Then paste it into the document where you want it.

Here are my sample rubrics.