What is it?

A video tutorial or demonstration showing how to do something on your computer. You can create the tutorial or your students can. If you found one created by someone else it would be called a learning object.

Why do it?

  • If you create the video, it can replace a lecture, demonstration or review session. Students can view the tutorial as many times as they wish.
  • If students create the video they can demonstrate how they have solved a problem, or created a graphic, or done ??? on their computer.
  • View Kids Teaching Kids. Eric Marcos and the Mathtrain.TV story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8OAfHg0CP4Then check out the videos available at Mathtrain http://mathtrain.tv
  • If you can see it on your monitor, you can record it as a screencast.

This is also a link to the screencast I did on photoediting.

Screencasting Lesson
  1. Students will create a screencast of them editing their skills photo
  2. After they created this screencast they will put it on their wikipage they have created to track their progress in the class, the projects they have, and everything else
  3. Students will write 2-3 seconds about the screencast they made and why they made it
  4. Students will talk while doing the screencast and have music playing in the background

Screencasting rubric