What are they?

Combine a still graphic and an audio file to create what I'm calling a "talking graphic."

Why do create them?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a narrated picture worth? Combining audio and graphics files are an easy and powerful way to communicate your message. Use to teach a concept or have your students create one explaining a concept they have learned or a product they have created.


This is a sample of fotobabble.

The following poster was made on glogster and it was pretty easy to do. There are many different posters you can choose from and other things you can do and add music to the file as well.

Wordle Wordle: Untitled © 2011 Jonathan Feinberg Terms of Use
Wordle The text I used was from my physical education philosophy.
If you are having trouble saving the Wordle as a jpg (1) select Open in Window option, (2) print, (3) don't print to your printer, use save as pdf option instead, (4) on a Mac open your PDF then save as a JPG, on a Windows machine take a screenshot then paste into Paint to edit and save as a jpg, (5) use the jpg.


Talking Graphics Lesson
  1. Students will take a paper written on one of the physical education philosophers and turn it into a Wordle poster
  2. They will add this poster to their own wikipage as well as print it off and make it into a poster they can hang in the classroom

Here is a sample of the students wordle