A few resources you might explore include:
  1. "Will the iPad revolutionize education?" This podcast is 9:24 minutes.
  2. Apple Unveils E-Textbook Strategy for K-12 Check out the nifty textbooks that are in development.
  3. Cell phones -- Learn more about cell phones in education: listen to an interview with author Liz Kolb on ISTE Casts. Liz Kolb wrote Cell Phones in the Classroom. History of Cell Phones in Education
  4. Turn your documents into an ePub. It's super simple. Use an online converter such as http://ebook.online-convert.com/ Okay, my iPad reads pdf's so why convert then into another format? Because you can. For some that's reason enough. What format does your mobile devise prefer? Can you convert your Word document into that format? Try it.
  5. Google Chrome -- Google's Chromebook is catching on with schools-- Some schools [i.e.Grace Lutheran School in Oshkosh, Wisconsin -- yes, I know principal Peter Iles, he would be excited to have you work with his teachers!] that have outdated computers or need to supplement their technology are turning to Google, which rents its Chromebook computers for $20 each per month. Educators say benefits, such as ease of use, outweigh the drawbacks of the Web-focused devices, such as not being compatible with interactive whiteboards. However, the low monthly cost of the Chromebooks was more manageable than the price of upgrading old computers, said Peter Iles, a Wisconsin principal. KQED.org/Mind/Shift blog
  6. Explore Naomi Harm's iPad resources http://box.net/naomiharm#/naomiharm/1/100643861
  7. Five Common iPad App Questions Answered

  8. A Catalog of iPad Apps for Teachers and Students
  9. ScreenChomper -- see sample on Talking Graphics page
  10. ShowMe -- create videos on your iPad -- You and Your Students Can Be The Next Sal Kahn with ShowMe
  11. QR codes -- see discussion on Wikis and Web Pages page
  12. Assessment -- See article and resources on Assessment page Assessment Apps by Vicki Windman K-5 iPad Apps for Remembering
  13. Speak & Spell for the iPad Generation
  14. Word Wizard ($3.99) turns your iPad into a talking typewriter, and a powerful language-learning tool that is ideal for a child learning to read.
  15. High Tech Schools: 7 Innovative Ways Teachers Are Using Tech In The Classroom
  16. Can Mobile Phones Help Teachers Manage Classroom Behavior? --- ClassDoJo --http://www.classdojo.com/
  17. K-5 iPad Apps for Remembering: Part One of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
  18. A new iPad app -- developed by scientists at New York University-Polytechnic Institute -- is aimed at simplifying the process of learning chemistry and is being used by a group of students at an all-girls public school in Brooklyn, N.Y. "Lewis Dots" is a free app that allows the students to create and manipulate chemical bonds using the devices' touch screen. "Instead of having it as abstract objects in a textbook or on the blackboard, you have something you can touch with and play with and own it and make," professor Jin Kim Montclare said.
  19. Using Twitter in High School Classrooms
  20. How the Interactive Whiteboard is Really Ed Tech’s Laserdisk -- Instead, we need to embrace more fully mobile technology.
  21. Mobile app improves social skills of students with special needs -- Pediatric psychologist Mark Bowers and his wife Kelly have created and released Sosh, a mobile-device application designed to improve the social skills of students with social interaction disabilities. Although the application was initially designed for youths with Asperger syndrome, Mark Bowers said that "some treatments overlap for students with ADHD or social anxiety disorders, or people who are just shy." The application is compatible with iPhones and iPads.
  22. Apps for Common Core Math Standards, Grades 6-8

  23. Android 4 Schools: A great new site for Android in education